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Cultural survival is very important to Sophia; she has dedicated specific efforts to encourage cultural music and traditions as a way to pass along generational music and encourage societal growth & awareness. Working closely with musicians from all walks of life and learning multi-cultural music has opened up communication and awareness to the positive effects that music brings to everyone. Music is the same in every language. 


  Sophia is so grateful to see first hand what it's like to walk a mile in. Each second line teaches patience, commitment, overcoming everyday struggles, and unifies the people of New Orleans in a magical way. Sophia makes sure to performs songs of traditional New Orleans jazz music during most of her performances , and performs Italian and other folk tunes for international festivals and multicultural celebrations. Sophia can read, write, sing, and speak in French, Italian, and English.

The article by the American Italian Digest,  highlights Sophia as a top pick as a someone who will make a historical mark with cultural issues in the city of New Orleans.06/2018






Sophia was born into a family of music and with multiple pianos in the home. Sophia's paternal grandfather, Narciso Parigi, prevailed as a grand success in Italy for over 70 years in music and in  film. Sophia's father, Stefano Parigi, introduced her to his father's music as a  baby by singing to her and by listening to his father's CDs with Sophia. Narciso Parigi is recognized internationally for his work on Rai Radio and Rai Television and is known as the "Voice of Florence'" and as the song icon for the Florence soccer team, ACF Fiorentina, for his quintessential performance of the team anthem.  "Oh, Fiorentina" has played in Italian stadiums and radio stations in Italy for three-quarters of a century.


Sophia celebrates her Italian culture by singing Italian folk songs and shares in the family devotion to the city of Firenze and ACF Fiorentina, the official soccer team for Firenze. Sophia is committed to the love and longevity of Italian folk and Italian classical music by working closely with the Italian Renaissance Foundation, supporting the work of the American Italian Cultural Center and  AWE News for their internet series of "Little Palermo" in New Orleans. Sophia includes Italian folk songs in her regular repertoire while performing publicly and also for events that are tailored to Italian music. Sophia performed at the commemoration ceremony presented by Commune di Firenze for her grandfather and his music, honoring him by singing his Italian folk song at Palazzo Vecchio.





New Orleans 

Sophia has a deep love for her birth city of New Orleans and the musical influences of jazz music that date back centuries and current day guardians. With New Orleans culture and music sprinkled throughout schools, venues, celebrations, and in the city streets, the spirit of New Orleans is etched into Sophia's heart. Sophia contributes back to the community through continued study of music, fostering communication and sharing with future generations her knowledge of New Orleans music as an instructor and mentor for nonprofits programs and private tutoring. Sophia co-founded and works with New Orleans Brass Band Music Combo.  

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Sophia is involved in preserving French culture and traditions brought by settlers to Louisiana from France, spanning back to before the 15th century. Sophia contributed to research related to her French heritage that was used for the recent book featuring her grandfather, his stories ,and their effects on French speaking Louisiana, published in 2021 by Editions Tintamarre and Centenary College of Louisiana.









Sophia material grandfather, Marion Marcotte, Jr., was a musician and French humorist who left behind a legacy of French songs and stories starting in the early 1950s and popularized through the 1970s, which contributed to the survival of French language and French speaking in Louisiana. Marion's works uniquely capture the French Louisiana accent and dialect in its original spoken form. Sophia's maternal grandparents on her mother's side migrated from Sicily to New Orleans during the Great Depression.









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