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Music for All Occasions




Music can change a mood, bring people together, and make people dance or cry. When someone plays and sings, while reading music and hearing all of it, brain activity surges. This can especially be observed in young children who take music lessons starting in preschool, as they test higher in academic subjects than their non-musical peers. However, music classes for preschool and elementary school age children are not available in public schools, and after school programs are often not available to children below the age of eight. In addition to this, many after school music programs are costly, and there are few to no free or low-cost programs available to young children in public schools. Not only would music in school yield smarter, more disciplined children, but students would also learn to use coping skills from a young age.  


Sophia attributes her academic success to her understanding of the patterns of music and the cognitive exercise it provides. Sophia has maintained highest honors status for several years, is a member of Mensa International, National Honor Society, Alpha Honor Roll, and is certified through Louisiana's Gifted & Talented Programs, ranked in the 98th percentile on the PSAT exam, and is the recipient of a high score ACT award from Duke University.


Sophia believes in the importance of education for personal growth and music as an aid to learning. Sophia teaches private piano and music lessons for all ages. Sophia is a piano instructor at Heritage School of Music, a non-profit educational program of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.


Responding with gratitude for the many opportunities in her life, Sophia shares with others the healing benefits of music, and deems it a method to cope with unexpected life changes, loss, and associated grief. When her father became terminally ill and died when Sophia was ten, she experienced music as a alleviating form of expression that helped her cope during difficult times in her life. In the summer of 2020, in full pandemic mode, Sophia was reminded of how music aided her in times of uncertainty, so she began offering pro-bono lessons to children who would benefit from expression of their feelings and grief through music.  


Sophia is a recurring press conference vocalist and National Anthem singer for Jefferson Parish and for the City of Gretna for memorial services, military honor ceremonies, and civic & non-profit celebrations. Sophia is a reliable voice with sincere delivery of her song for the intent to heal. Listen to Sophia sing at the Jefferson Parish One year COVID-19 memorial service - under the 'music' tab or click this box   


Sophia sang the National Anthem at the first New Orleans Pelicans NBA game of 2021 (while wearing a mask). Sophia also sang in 2019 for the Pelicans, as well as in  2018-2019 for Baby Cakes (Minor League Baseball) and Tulane Green Wave. 



BRASS BAND  PARIGI - Sophia Parigi
sophia parigi italian musician
Sophia Parigi singer New Orleans
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