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Sophia Parigi




Born and raised in New Orleans, refined in Florence Italy, and resided in New York for a time,

Sophia Parigi blends together her style, musical heritage and experience into a unique flavor of music to delight audiences by performing songs from a variety of genres.  Combined with sweet innocence and a deep old soul, Sophia's expansive repertoire- includes timeless classics, jazz standards,  broadway & Italian folk tunes, popular or classical music, and even a jazz parade.  Sophia sings as a soloist, entertains with a piano or is backed by her ensemble comprised of the highest quality professional musicians. Sophia's training and experience allows her to deliver with confidence and elegance, performances to diverse audiences of any age, from anywhere and for any type of event.  Sophia has a competent management team with expertise in event planning and sound production.  Together they carefully plan each performance to achieve event success. 


Sophia's efforts and experience have earned her opportunities to share her talents on prominent stages and popular venues. Sophia performed as a solo vocalist on stage at Carnegie Hall in New York, appeared on live-broadcast news, sang and performed piano at large festivals-including the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, French Quarter Festival, and Opera in the Piazza. She entertains for corporate international conventions, banquets , performance brunch and for restaurants and venues. Sophia has performed on the stages and in productions of well-known music organizations:  New Orleans Opera (chorus), the National World War II Museum, Tipitina's Music, national, state and community theater productions, for colleges, in film and at national and local sporting events. Sophia is featured in media articles in newspapers and journals.  In an article published June, 2018 by the American Italian Digest, Tricentennial publication, highlights Sophia as one of their top picks for someone to make a historical mark with cultural issues in the city of New Orleans.


Sophia Parigi studies jazz piano and jazz voice full time at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), an arts conservatory in New Orleans.  Sophia maintains and improves the quality of her act by clocking in hundreds of hours throughout the year with performances, rehearsals, and intense, on-going private training from high-level accomplished professionals in music and in academic programs specific for the disciplines of vocals, piano, theory, and dance. Sophia's refines her acts by having her performances critiqued by professionals yearly through competitions- and has claimed highest awards in all levels. Sophia has grown rapidly as a musician over the past couple of years and has matured into a competent, poised young lady who is devoted to the study of music. Sophia has a fluent understanding of music theory, sight-reading and technique and is in tune with her aural senses and with the logical concept of music as energy. Together Sophia's training is purposely planned to work in unison, resulting in well-rounded performance experience for audiences.  With a sincere love for music and with hard work, Sophia has garnered respect as an artist and has made genuine friendships with distinguished instructors and renowned musicians who believe in the concept of generational music and who inspire and mentor Sophia as a committed young artist. 


Responding with gratitude for the many opportunities in her life, and to keep a happy heart, Sophia includes time in her work each year to share her time and music to benefit the poor, sick, elderly, military veterans, civic organizations, non-profits, in church and also to encourage and help other young artists and fellow musicians.



Sophia was born into a family of music and with multiple pianos in the home. Sophia's paternal grandfather, Narciso Parigi, prevailed as a grand success in Italy for over 70 years in music and film. Sophia's father, Stefano Parigi introduced her to his father's music from the day Sophia was born by singing to her and by listening with Sophia to his father's CD's. Narciso Parigi is recognized internationally for his work and is known as the 'Voice of Florence' and as the 'song icon' for the Florence Soccer team for his singing of the team anthem, "Oh, Fiorentina' which has played in Italian stadiums and radio stations for three-quarters of a century.


Cultural survival is so important to Sophia, she has dedicated specific efforts to encourage cultural music and traditions as a way to pass along generational music, encourage societal growth and awareness. Sophia has performed at international festivals, multi-cultural weddings and events Sophia can read, write, speak and sing in French, Italian, and English languages and site reads music theory which is also a language of it's own.


Sophia celebrates her Italian culture by singing Italian Folk songs and shares in the family devotion to the city of Firenze and ACF Fiorentina, the official soccer team for Firenze.  Sophia is committed to the love and longevity of Italian folk and Italian classical music in both Italian and English by working closely with the Italian Renaissance Foundation, supporting the work of the American Italian Cultural Center and  AWE News for their internet series of  'Little Palermo' in New Orleans.  Sophia includes Italian folk songs in her regular repertoire while performing publicly and also for events that are tailored to Italian music. Sophia performed at the commemoration ceremony presented by Commune di Firenze for her grandfather and his music, honoring him by singing one of his Italian folk songs at Palazzo Vecchio. 

Sophia is also involved in preserving French culture and traditions brought to Louisiana by descendants from France,  spanning back to before the 15th century. Sophia is influenced by the many works of her material grandfather who passed away long before Sophia was born. Marion Marcotte, Jr. who left behind a legacy of French songs and stories that contributed in the 1950-1970's to the survival of French language and French speaking in Louisiana. Sophia is actively working on research related to the her grandfathers legacy.


Sophia has a deep love for her birth city of New Orleans and the music influences of jazz music that date back centuries and current day guardians.  With New Orleans culture and music sprinkled throughout schools, venues, celebrations and in the city streets,  the spirit of New Orleans is etched within Sophia's heart. Sophia contributes back to the community through fostering communication and sharing with future generations her knowledge of New Orleans music.


Sophia believes in the importance of education for personal growth and shows the same commitment for music in her academic study.Sophia has maintained highest honors status for several years and is a member of  Mensa-High IQ Society, Louisiana Gifted & Talented Programs and Duke University where she was awarded their ACT High Score Award. Sophia contributes her academic success to her love for music and her understanding and perception of the rhythms of life and the effects of sound wave movement to. brain function. 



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