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Sophia Parigi is a professional musician - a vocalist and pianist born and raised in New Orleans with summers spent in Florence Italy and New York.  Sophia blends her international experience and local culture into a unique style that she expresses through jazz standards, classical music, show-tunes  and New Orleans music. Sophia sings as a soloist, entertains with a piano or is backed by a combo of top-tier  professional musicians. Her style is old-fashioned and elegant but yet still modern and trendy.  She has adept piano skills and sight reading ability, is in-tune with her aural skills. Sophia has a three octave vocal range that reaches across a spectrum of styles, intensity, and languages which allows her to entertain for all types of audiences. 



Sophia works as a musician,  teacher and music director. Besides performing as a soloist, she is founder of an event company and serves as manager and music director providing music for events,  hotel and restaurant performances, convention shows, second line parades,  brunch and dinner theatre and character entertainment for parties.


Separately, Sophia is a faculty instructor of piano and music theory for the Don 'Moose' Jamison Hertiage School of Music.  In addition, Sophia works as the music director for St. Christopher the Martyr Church through the Archdiocese of New Orleans as a self-accompanied cantor,  pianist and organist during year round weekly services. 


Sophia is often featured  on live-broadcast news promoting art events in New Orleans,  singing the US anthem for televised sporting events, a recurring singer for Jefferson Parish Government and its municipalities. Sophia's stage performances in music include Carnegie Hall in New York,  New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, French Quarter Festival,  Gretna Festival, Opera in the Piazza and the New Orleans Convention Center.  Her genuine love for performance and music has  earned her both lead and featured roles for community theaters in New Orleans, and in productions with New Orleans Opera chorus, National World War II Museum, and in film.


Sophia Parigi studies International Relations and Music at Tulane University in New Orleans and is in Tulane's Jazz Combo.  Sophia graduated as a Level 4 scholar in jazz piano studies at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), an arts conservatory in New Orleans. Sophia studied jazz piano and voice for nearly half of her life, spending a decade at Heritage School of Music, a program offered through the Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation.   Sophia finished a weekly - 2 year internship  there shadowing the teaching  styles of some of the best musicians in the industry and now is an official instructor. From the beginning of Sophia's musical journey she understood the commitment and gratitude required to become a guardian of  music like the musicians who inspired and mentored her. Sophia is so happy to work to  'pay it forward' to other up and coming musicians. 


Sophia continues to help others through music for events that benefit a host of non-profits who support local communities, cultural preservation, military veterans,  and seriously ill children.


Sophia Parigi


Sophia Parigi speaks after playing the opening concert for ISTE-Live 2022   Educators Convention  

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Sophia Parigi as instructor at
HSM - 2023 recital of her students.

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