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Feature article

winter 2020 edition

 Italian American Digest 

sophia article 2020 aicc.png

Published June, 2018 by the American Italian Digest, Tricentennial publication, highlights Sophia as one of their top picks for the people in the city of New Orleans that will make a historical mark with cultural issues.

Press Conference Vocalis
t Jefferson Parish COVID Memorial

opera in the piazza 2021 sophia parigi opening act jpg
  Carnegie Hall New York
December 19, 2015
 1st place winners circle
American Protege international
 Carnegie Hall New York

Proponent for New Orleans Jazz culture with Charles Marsela AWE News at the New Orleans Jazz Museum

marsella and sophia jazz museum.PNG
article with lena prima.jpeg
American Italian Sports Hall of Fame 2016, 2017, 2018,2019
Sophia performs the National Anthem
at the annual awards banquet.
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 "Sings in Memory of Her Father"
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